We Secure the Smart Planet

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We Secure the Smart Planet

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Our Security Management Platform is vendor-neutral. It unifies enterprise security by spanning the security ecosystem of products and vendors, thereby optimising your investments, and allowing you to utilise IT as a business driver

We provide best of breed vendor security solutions

Security Solutions

We work with some of the most niche security technology companies, such as Juniper, Checkpoint, F5, Cisco, Mcafee, IBM, Cyber-Ark (PIM), Imperva (WAF) etc.

Security Architecture, Risk, Governance and Compliance

Professional Services

Assess, Enhance, and Design Security Programs That Strengthen Your Security Posture. Our Security & Risk Consulting practice provides a broad portfolio of services, be it in assessment, advisory or solutions implementation

Why Us?

IT Security is complex costly for for most SOBO. Our SIEM product is based on OSSEC/ELK stack which can analyses large set of data and provide a comprehensive security Incident and Event Management at affordable cost.

Our platform uses Docker containers for scalability and feature updates for emerging threats (APT’s).

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