Host and network security

Cloud Security

24X7 Security Operations Centre

Network/Host IDS Monitoring

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Affordable Unified Security Management

Our Security Management Platform is vendor-neutral. It unifies enterprise security by spanning the security ecosystem of products and vendors, thereby optimizing your investments, and allowing you to utilize IT as a business driver

Security Data Analytics Threat Detection

Security events need correlation engine that can parse the real time BIG- DATA for sensors. Our platform uses technologies to handle events form enterprise network and host IDS traffic for both behavioural based / signature based Intrusion Detection and Response. The system can hence scale to security for IOT devices.

Security & Risk Consulting

Assess, Enhance, and Design Security Programs That Strengthen Your Security Posture. The Security & Risk Consulting practice provides a broad portfolio of services to address the information security, risk and compliance needs of our clients and effectively, devise security and governance programs that fit a client’s environment.

Why Us?

IT Security is complex costly for for most SOBO. Our SIEM product is based on OSSEC/ELK stack which can analyses large set of data and provide a comprehensive security Incident and Event Management at affordable cost.

Our platform uses Docker containers for scalability and feature updates for emerging threats (APT’s).

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